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I believe the Bible to be the ultimate authority in matters of faith and doctrine. For this reason, we should defer to the Bible when trying to determine whether or not something is Christian, so what about music? What is Christian music? 

The Bible, unfortunately, does not give us explicit instructions for determining whether a song is a Christian song. According to Wikipedia,

Christian music is music that has been written to express either personal or a communal belief regarding Christian life and faith.

I like to think of Christian music as music that speaks of the goodness of God. Music through which we can praise and worship God and through which we express our love for him. Christian music provides us with encouragement and is soothing to our souls. 

There has been a lot of debate surrounding what Christian music should look/sound like. Questions pertaining to its lyrics, rhythm, etc. It is therefore necessary to take a closer look at what Christian music is.

What is Christian music?

To adequately determine whether a song can consider to be Christian song, we have to go back to the Bible to answer certain questions about that song. Questions such as:

  • Do the lyrics of the song reflect biblical truth?
  • Do the lyrics directly praise God?
  • Does the song mention God?
  • Is the song written for Christians?
  • Can the song be used for evangelism?
  • Is the song a cover of a circular song?
  • Is the song designed to be played in church?
  • Are the melody and rhythm of the song in accordance with scriptures?
  • Who performs the song?

I think Christian songs should be songs with bible-based lyrics that are “scripturally sound” and “biblically edifying.” 

The sad reality is that these questions we ask when trying to categorize songs and Christian songs almost always lead to as many problems as solutions. 

A lot of arguments also focus on everything else but the message in the song.

Christian Music – The Composer/Performer

To some people, a Christian song is a song composed by a Christian and performed by a Christian musician. 

Who is a Christian musician? What if the song misinterprets scripture? Is it still Christian music? 

What if the song is an adaptation of a secular song like Beckah Shae’s adaptation of Zedd and Alessia Cara’s “Stay”? Is it a Christian song? 

What about a song by someone who was once known as a Christian artist but whose lifestyle is now questionable? 

How do we even know that someone singing songs with biblical lyrics is really a Christian?

I don’t think the composer/performer of a song should determine if a song is Christian or not.


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Christian Music – The Beat

When Christianity first came to Cameroon, there was a lot of debate as to whether drums could be used in worship. 

Some people believe that some drum beats appeal to the flesh and that drum sets should not be used in church.

Adherents go so far as to say drum sets (with several drums and cymbals) should not be allowed in a church. Some examples of “evil” drum beats are:

While some drum rhythms were used in pagan ceremonies, they were also used in Jewish ceremonies. 

The Bible does not warn against rhythm, although sound technicians in churches have to put more effort in regulating the volume of drums.

Christian Music – The Instruments

In the New Testament, there is no mention of musical instruments. The Old Testament, on the other hand, mentions the use of instrument a lot. 

1 Samuel 10:5 mentions prophets coming down from the high place with lyres, tambourines, flutes and harps being played before them while they prophesy. 

The Spirit of the Lord was then going to come upon king Saul who would prophesy with the prophets. It seems to me that God enjoys musical instruments.


Christian Music – The Lyrics

If the choice of the type of instrument used and the Rhythm is left to the discretion of the composer/singer, it leaves us with the question of the lyrics of “Christian music” The Bible in Ephesians 5:19 tells us to

“Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, ” 

We are told in Ephesians 4:29 that our words should be edifying—they should build others up. Our songs should therefore be “biblically edifying”

I think Christian songs should be songs with bible-based lyrics that are “scripturally sound” and “biblically edifying.” 

If the composer/singer of a song is less than perfect, it should only matter if knowledge of their flaws distract us from the message of the song.

If you find yourself distracted by drums, you are free to worship using music that is made without drums.

Ive made a list of some of my favourite Christian songs. Click Here to see it. Do tell me if there are any songs you think I should add to my list.

What are your thoughts on a song like “great dagon has subdued our foe” by Handel? Can be it modified to say “Jehovah/Messiah has subdued our foe? 

Can it then be sung in church? What if the entire Samson oratorio is being sung? Does it become acceptable then?

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